Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Service

Our Patient Transport Service (PTS) takes patients who are frail or need specialist assistance to and from appointments at hospitals, treatment centres and other similar facilities.


This is a high quality service for patients which is safe, effective and flexible, and gives people fair access to vital health services.


The Service We Provide:

  • Timely, comfortable service, suitable to the patient's needs
  • Professional care, delivered with dignity and empathy
  • Travel in well equipped vehicles, benefiting from the latest technology
  • A journey that is no longer than necessary, although sometimes travel conditions, distance and accommodating other patients can affect the daily running of the service
  • Information about bookings including reminders and updates
  • A listening and responsive service
  • Assistance to the patient's clinic
  • Return transport to the patient's home
  • Bariatric services


We work closely with the NHS and provide PTS to many trusts within the UK. However we also provide private PTS where you can pay for your loved one to be transported to appointments or your destination of choice.


We also provide land repatriations or can organise air repatriations from outside the UK back to within the UK.


If you would like to get a no obligatory quotation please email us or fill in a booking form.

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