Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions of Service Provision

All services supplied by Local Medical Services Ltd. are subject to contract. The contract is composed of the following terms and conditions, together with the applicable schedule for your event.

The parties to this agreement are: Local Medical Services Ltd. (hereinafter known as ‘the company’) And The person/persons/organisation named in the schedule (hereinafter referred to as the client)

Venue’ shall mean the premises or location at which the event is held.

‘Operators’ shall mean staff or agents engaged by the company to fulfil the contract,

  1. Cancellation: Cancellation of this contract will only be accepted by the company if notice is given by the hirer, in writing. Where cancellation is received by the company payment of a percentage of the fee is required as outlined below of the total contract value. less than 7 Days =100% , 7- 14 Days = 50% ,
    15-28 Days =33%,
    28-59 days = 25%
    60+ days = 10%,
    More than 90 days = no charge
  1. Non-Fulfillment: The Company shall not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of this contract for the reasons beyond its reasonable control. This includes mechanical breakdown, unforeseeable equipment failure, power failure at the venue, sudden illness, and ‘force majeure’ (including but not limited to; extreme weather, flood, terrorism, fire and lighting strike).
  2. Liability: The Company’s maximum liability under the contract (excluding death and personal injury) shall be limited to the value of the contract, unless related to negligence in the medical care.
  3. Public Liability Insurance: The Company carries public liability insurance, and all equipment used carries relevant safety standards and certification. Copies of relevant certificates are available on request.
  4. Refreshments: Where the company’s operators are on site at the venue for longer than four hours the hirer is responsible for the provision of adequate food, refreshments & drinking water and welfare facilities for each operator reasonably to be present to fulfill the contract. If this is not provided, the charge will be added to our final invoice.
  5. Where an NHS ambulance is called to site, it may be necessary for the State Registered Paramedic to travel with the patient if the receiving crew is not trained to the same standard as the paramedic. This will be at the discretion of the onsite paramedic.
  6. In the unlikely event of cancellation by the Company any deposit paid will be returned in full without interest, costs or damages, the contract shall be deemed cancelled and there shall be no further claim arising.
  7. The company will always endeavour to attend no less than 10 minutes prior to the given start time.
  8. The Company cannot be held financially responsible for any event cancelled for any reason irrelevant of involvement.
  9. Any concern or complaint must be raised with the company within 48 hours of the end of your event.
  10. The company will provide all equipment and medical consumables necessary to carry out the level of service booked.
  11. Please ensure staff on site can obtain fresh, clean water as necessary.
  12. The company reserve the right to withdraw services but to levy full charges where adequate facilities are not available to enable us to carry out our duties or where the welfare or safety of our staff is at risk.
  13. Payment: A deposit may requested at the discretion of the company. Any balance of payment becomes due onpresentation of invoice or completion of the contract and should be made by bank transfer quoting your event nameand date.
  14. Accounts not settled within required date will be subject to interest charges, calculated at 2% per day, plus a £50administration fee per month per invoice. Where an invoice remains unpaid after 30 days after due, in addition tocharges referred to above, the debt will be passed for collection and 15% collection fees will be added to the sum due.
  15. Where payment is made by cheque and is not honoured by the bank, a £50 administration fee will be charged to theclient and immediate payment of the account and administration fee must be made by BACS.
  16. Constant vehicle access is required throughout the event to and from the site for the Company vehicles. Which vehiclesare permitted access is at the Company’s discretion and may include response or support cars as well as ambulancesand medical support.
  17. Where an event license is not permitted or withdrawn by licensing authorities, or the event is cancelled or postponed forwhatever reason, cancellation fees will apply as (1) above.
  18. Operators remain under the control of the Company, not the event organiser and final decision rests with the Company.
  19. We must retain medical control at all times – we will liaise with event and safety organisers, but control of medical staffrests with us.
  20. We may send greater resources than booked at our cost – whether staff or vehicles – you will only be invoiced.
  21. The price quoted is for covering during the stated times. Additional charges will apply where you require us to stay later or arrive earlier.
  22. Where an event ends earlier thank booked, the agreed event charges remains payable in full.
  23. If deposit is not paid within the required time, the contract shall be deemed cancelled and no services will be provided and the client shall not claim for any costs, damages, compensation or other recompense.
  24. Where an event operates after dusk, the client is to provide lighting. Heating should be provided in all medical areaswhen the temperature drops below 18 Celsius.
  25. Unless stated, the client should provide a suitable area for medical team to operate from such as marquee, clean room
  26. The event cover start time is the time at which we will be on site- if you require us to be on site earlier due to restrictingvehicle movements or road closures, additional charges will apply pro-rata as per declared rates.